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St. Bart's Embraces Neurodiversity

In a recent study published in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion and explored in the July issue of the Christian Century, sociologists found that religious institutions were not welcoming to children with neurodivergence or chronic health challenges. The findings of the study in particular note that children with autism spectrum disorder, depression and anxiety, conduct disorder, developmental delay, or ADD/ADHD are between 1.19 and 1.84 times more likely to never attend church, with the highest likelihood being among children with autism spectrum disorder.(Source:

In response to this recent study, St. Bartholomew’s Children, Youth, and Family Formation has developed some additional resources to serve our neurodivergent children and families.

Sensory Calming Corner:

In our Children, Youth, and Family area (under the South Balcony) you will find several sensory support objects to support children who might benefit from sensory support during our liturgy. Check out our  corner for:

  • Reversible mermaid pillows for anxiety reduction, calm, and focus
  • Noise-reducing headphones
  • Calming liquid bottle manipulatives

Bart’s Blessing Bags

Be sure to pick up a Blessing Bag when you walk into the main entrance of the Church on Sunday morning. Bart’s Bags include clay and wax manipulatives to support productive fidgeting and creative expression during our service. You will also find a quiet art project kit as well!

Behavior Plan Integration and One-on-One Support

If your child has an evaluation and/or a behavior plan in use at school, we would love to know more about it so that we can be sure we providing the best pedagogical and behavioral approach to your child during our educational programs. We have years of experience working in schools and take our approach to teaching and learning seriously--let us be part of your fantastic team of parents and educators who support your children!