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Blogging? You Gotta Be Kidding!

I never intended to write a blog. It remains a word so silly that my spell check after all these years still refuses to accept it; and, yet, my typically dictatorial autocorrect, which has occasionally on its own taken perfectly correct words and turned them into almost unforgiveable missiles of...

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Flinging and Hoping

It has been a week of endings all round - bittersweet, funny, deeply touching and sad, some things coming to fruition, others having to be relegated in the manner an old southern friend once suggested to me, "Honey, you need to leave that one lay where Jesus flung it." I have no clear idea what...

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The Fallacy of a Throwaway Moment

In a very short time I am going to become eligible for the senior discount at most movie theaters. This makes me irrationally happy. Our favorite theater recently installed very comfortable seats, so lazy-boy like that sleeping during the movie is now almost a guarantee. I didn't see it, but...

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Things That Endure

In mid-January it was just the start of the winter when I announced my approaching retirement, and the last of May seemed like a lifetime away. As it turns out, it was only a few days. When the temperature hit 80 degrees for about 20 minutes one day this past week, I had two thoughts:"It's too...

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In the Face of Goodness

Goodness is really good; and though the world is a mess in more ways than any of us can list or begin to understand, in the midst of it there is a great deal of goodness. Over the last week there have been acts, the majority of which will remain anonymous, of heroic goodness in...

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