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Blogging? You Gotta Be Kidding!

I never intended to write a blog. It remains a word so silly that my spell check after all these years still refuses to accept it; and, yet, my typically dictatorial autocorrect, which has occasionally on its own taken perfectly correct words and turned them into almost unforgiveable missiles of damage, finds it unworthy of even a suggestion. No “blag” or “blug” or “bleg.” Nothing – just “blog” with a red line under it.

And, yet, my friends, over the last seven years I have become a blogger. Each Friday morning long before daylight, sitting in my study, I engage a medium that, though in need of a new name, has come to mean the world to me. It will never have the charm of handwritten missives on heavy stock paper in good ink, and my grandchildren’s children are unlikely to ever find a stack of my blogs tied in a silk ribbon stored in a dusty attic. But in a totally unexpected and delightful way for me, this writing each week has been my great indulgence, a space in which to write and think without undue regard to convention. You have allowed me to admit that ultimate answers bore me, that certainty gives me the creeps, and that dogma just makes me misbehave. This genre, which is mostly about what it is not, has worked perfectly for me and has kept me mostly out of trouble.

Thanks for having allowed me to enter your lives with these thoughts and for having enriched mine by reading and responding. Because I have a definitively maudlin side and because love means never having to say goodbye (okay, I know that in the original Love Story, it was that it meant never having to say you’re sorry – cut me some slack here), I am not even going there. It has been a great ride, and I have loved it – almost every moment of it! And the really great news is: there is so much more to come for all of us.

If you are nearby, join me this Sunday for my last day at St. Bart’s. Wouldn’t you just know that it would be Trinity Sunday? I have spent half my life as priest avoiding preaching on the Trinity. Well, this week the jig is up! In all four services I’ll take a stab at it and then get out of town fast!


There is a great new series for the first eights week of the long-awaited summer. Entitled BRUNCH+BIBLE, it meets from 12:30–2 pm, beginning next week, June 7. Enjoy a light brunch and a new way of seeing the great themes of the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere of shared fellowship. Led by Todd Bouldin, Lynn Sanders and Matthew Moretz. Registration required by June 3, includes $20 fee for workbook and materials. Lunch will be served for $10 each Sunday – reserve by Wednesday before each class, or bring your own lunch. Summer nourishment for soul, mind and body! Registration and info: David Bryan.