Funding Capital Needs


Funding Capital Needs

We are thrilled to share the news that as of spring 2016, St. Bart’s has met its “2014 Capital Campaign” goal and the campaign has successfully come to a close. The completion of the “2014 Capital Campaign” will allow us to continue to share our sacred space for many years to come. Thank you again. 

A celebrated Manhattan landmark, beloved parish, and a beacon of faith and inclusiveness for people of all faiths, St. Bartholomew’s Church in the City of New York, affectionately known as St. Bart’s, nears its 18th decade of service having ably weathered one of its hardest financial chapters. Worship and community service continue with confidence, caring, and effectiveness. St. Bart’s renowned concert music tradition endures, the Community Ministry serves 150,000 meals each year and shelters a small group of homeless women every night and, our Community Preschool is increasing its enrollment in enlarged classroom space. St. Bart’s offers services of worship every day of the week including four times on Sunday and hosts numerous community events and presentations.

While our parish has carefully preserved what makes St. Bart’s so important to the community, the physical structure of St. Bart’s buildings are showing serious signs of degradation and present a challenge. We have taken steps to meet the greatest of these needs with the recent 2014 Capital Campaign. Yet as an important historic landmark, our building will always have continuing capital needs.

In 2014 St. Bart's publicly launched a highly directed capital campaign with one goal: to raise $6 million beyond annual Stewardship efforts to address four core projects crucial to the preservation of our landmark building: the restoration of our main roof; replacement of our dangerous sidewalks; retiling and refurbishing of our great dome; and improvement of our interior worship space. We are thrilled to share the news that St. Bart’s has met its 2014 Capital Campaign goal and the campaign has successfully come to a close.  The completion of the 2014 Capital Campaign will allow us to continue to share our sacred space for many years to come. Thank you again. 

In 2015, with funds from the campaign, we replaced all three of our sidewalks -- 50th Street, 51st Street, and Park Avenue -- and the top step of our main entrance. We also completed updated lighting in the church, now illuminating areas of our worship space rarely seen before. In early 2016, we replaced the roofs covering the transept and main nave, leaving space to erect the scaffolding for the dome project. Beginning in July  2016, with funds from the campaign and gifts to the St. Bart’s Conservancy, a separately managed non-profit organization formed to help restore and maintain our historic landmark, we began work on the final project of the campaign: the restoration of our great dome.

Dome Re-tiling and Restoration
The last, largest, and most prominent project currently being undertaken by St. Bart’s is the waterproofing and re-tiling of our iconic dome, funded by the 2014 Capital Campaign. Over the decades since the dome’s completion, its mosaic tiles have cracked and lifted, allowing moisture to intrude. Restoration of the dome is a complicated project that will involve replacing approximately 2,000 individual mosaic tiles that cover eight sections separated by limestone ribs. The color of the new tiles will match the original vibrant colors.

On July 5, 2016, we began this important work to restore our historic dome. Our contractor, Graciano Corporation, is erecting scaffolding in the Cheatham Garden for access to the roof and dome. This will result in the Cheatham Garden remaining closed to the public for the duration of the project, which we anticipate lasting between 12 and 14 months. During this period, the 109 East 50 Street entrance will have personnel to grant access and facilitate use of the elevators for disabled visitors’ entrance to the church. We thank you for your generosity, cooperation and patience.