Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

100 Celebrations of St. Bart’s

What is it?  We intend to have 100 or more—yes 100!—celebrations of
St. Bart’s and our Centennial.

What is the purpose?  Everybody Needs A Place. The purpose in finding a place, a church home for worship, is to connect with people. We want to create more connections, particularly new ones. Many of us participate in St. Bart’s ministries and groups, and we get to know people in those groups. Some of us sit in the front, on the left, back, or right, and we often know who sits around us. Not everyone is able to come to church every Sunday, or to participate beyond church services. These events will give us opportunities to connect with, learn from and know each other, to create an even more caring community of people, centered in our faith.

What kind of events will be held? That is entirely up to the St. Bart’s members who host or sponsor events. It could be breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktails, wine and cheese, or dinner in their homes. It could be an outing to the New York Botanical Garden or a baseball game, lunch or dinner in a restaurant, or anything else.

Who will host these 100 Celebrations of St. Bart’s events? Anyone can host. You can host an event in your home, or organize an event in the community. Events can be for four people or for 100, or more. Events in your home can be “pot luck” style or host funded (thank you!). For any hosted community events that carry a cost, attendees will be expected to pay their own way. We will ask our hosts to ensure we get a digital picture of all attendees at each event with our Centennial logo, and there will be a follow-up survey for all participants. Photos will be shared on social media and our website throughout the year.

Who can attend 100 Celebrations of St. Bart’s events? Anyone can attend. Our goal is to create new connections.   Our hosts will be creating important opportunities for members of our community to engage with new people.
We will invite a small number of clergy, staff, and volunteers to attend individual events to help facilitate. Sign up for an event, and sign up a friend (prospective member) too!

When? We anticipate that events will be held throughout the year. Click here for updated information.  We will communicate all opportunities via email. If you don’t already receive our E-news, please subscribe here.

Do you want to host an event? Have ideas or questions? If you want to host or sponsor an event, or have a question, email .

100 Ways to Serve

Will you seek and serve Christ in all persons
loving your neighbor as yourself?
Will you strive for justice and peace among all people,
and respect the dignity of every human being?

What is it? We want to celebrate the many ways that St. Bartians live out their baptismal covenant by serving others. We want to expand opportunities for service, community engagement, and creating a just society. Finally, we want everyone, you included, to join in.

When? Beginning in Lent, throughout 2018, and beyond. Some of the projects will be short, one-off opportunities; others will need a longer commitment of time.

Who can participate?  Everyone! We will invite St. Bartians to participate in a wide range of group projects and advocacy efforts that work to improve the lives of our neighbors throughout the five boroughs of New York City. We will ask you to provide photos that capture the joy of seving others, and will share these images through social media. Please invite your friends to come along too.

How can you get involved? Stay tuned to St. Bart’s communications in our weekly e-news, on Facebook and Twitter, in the Sunday bulletin insert and announcements from the chancel every week.

Ideas or Questions?  Send an email to

Centennial Celebrations

What is it? A concentrated week of activities in the fall to celebrate our centennial in the church nave

When? We expect that most activities will occur the week of October 15, 2018

Who can participate? Everyone! That includes guests or friends you could invite to participate with you. Some events will be ticketed and carry a cost, others will be free and open to everyone.

What is planned? On Saturday, October 20, we will have a free celebratory gathering in the nave for all members of the parish and friends. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will be our special guest.

On Sunday, October 21, we will have a Centennial Eucharist Service and Celebration.

On one evening the week of October 15, we will have a ticketed Centennial Gala Dinner. There will be a limited number of tickets available for purchase. We plan for the Gala to raise sufficient funds to cover the cost of our other centennial events.

We are working with Bishop Andrew Dietsche to arrange a visit this week or at another time.

We will invite Crossroads Community Services, the Mid-Manhattan Performing Arts Foundation, St. Bart’s Conservancy, St. Bart’s Players, and St. Bart’s Preschool to participate and celebrate with us. That may include specific events for these groups during this week.

We also intend to have events that will recognize and celebrate our ministries and groups.

How can you get involved? Stay tuned to St. Bart’s communications in our weekly e-news, on Facebook and Twitter, in the Sunday bulletin insert and announcements from the chancel every week.

Ideas or Questions? Send an email to