Mark your calendars now!


Mark your calendars now!

And watch for details

See our online calendar for a monthly view of our upcoming events.

November 8 – December 18: Starbridge Series Book Study with the Rev. Deacon John Wirenius
John Wirenius leads us through the Starbridge Series — six novels by Susan Howatch. One novel per Sunday, starting with Glittering Images. Listen to John’s overview of the series here.

November 13

    • 9 am: Youth lead the service
    • 11 am: Choral Morning Prayer

November 23, 6pm: Thanksgiving Eve Eucharist
November 24: Thanksgiving Day — Church Closed
November 25: Fare Share Friday
November 27: Advent begins (Advent and Christmastide at St. Bart's)

December 4: 5pm Advent Lessons and Carols, reception following
December 12: 5:45 pm Caroling on the Steps
December 13: 7:30 pm Joyous Christmas Concert
December 16: Concert—Adoration of the Magi with Jeff Morrissey
December 24: Christmas Eve
    • 12 pm A Quiet Eucharist (Chapel)
    • 4 pm Christmas Pageant and Eucharist
    • 7 pm Festival Eucharist
    • 11 pm Festival Eucharist (with incense)

December 25: Christmas Day — one service
    • 11am Choral Eucharist

December 26–27: Church closed
December 31: 11 pm Bill Trafka’s Organ Concert

January 1, 2017: New Year’s Day - one service

    • 11 am Choral Eucharist