Music This Sunday


Music This Sunday


The Summer Festival of Sacred Music at St. Bartholomew’s will begin its 23rd season on this Sunday, June 25 at 11 am.  In recognition of New York City’s observance of Gay Pride Sunday, this service of sacred music will feature works written by gay composers.

St. Bartholomew’s Choir will sing sacred music of Lou Harrison and David Conte. Works will include Conte’s By night when others soundly slept from his Three Mystical Hymns, and Lou Harrison’s Mass to St. Anthony.

California composer, Lou Harrison began his Mass to St. Anthony in 1939 in response to the Nazi invasion of Poland. Scored for choir, strings, trumpet and harp, it is a work borne in reaction to social oppression encompassing emotions from outrage to hope. The work will be sung to honor the 100th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

David Conte is well known to the St. Bart’s community, having composed new works whose premières took place here, including his Elegy for Matthew, September Sun, and his Missa Brevis. He is currently the Professor of Composition at the San Francisco Conservatory. His By night when others soundly slept is a setting of a poem by the early New England poet Anne Bradstreet, whose work has a markedly mystical character. Conte writes: “It is set in a moderate triple meter in E-flat Minor, and suggests both the reverence and the mystery of prayers offered in the dark of night.”

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