The Forum

LOCATION: Great Hall
TIME: 10:05 am

Sunday, August 20, 2017
“Friend Somebody.” Join us as we welcome Helen Goodkin, a retreat leader and lively teacher of the Scriptures and our Episcopal faith. She will lead us on an exploration of the meaning of friendship in the Gospel of John.


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Addressing Economic Inequality

11.23.14 | Rectors Forum

How do people of faith engage the difficult questions of wealth and income inequality? What are the roles of charity,  and policies regarding labor, welfare, and taxes? Building on a previous forum on inequality Economists Teresa Ghilarducci...

Actor Phil Darius Wallace

11.02.14 | Rectors Forum

Actor Phil Darius Wallace was Buddy’s guest. Opening in a new American play this month entitled Self Made Man: The Frederick Douglass Story, Darius has performed across the country starring as Martin Luther King, Richard Wright, and...