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Sunday, September 1, 2019

Pilgrimage Then and Now: Paul’s Journey to Ephesus, and Mine
In the Acts of the Apostles, Paul travels to the Greek city of Ephesus, spreading the Good News of Jesus, baptizing new believers and healing the sick. He also came into conflict with silversmiths who made shrines of the Greek god Artemis. Assistant Rector Andrew Mullins traveled to Ephesus during one of his sabbaticals from ministry and saw the sites of Paul’s ministry firsthand. Canon Mullins provides an overview of the Biblical account and how journeying to Ephesus himself altered his view of what happened there.

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Theology & the Arts: Religous Icons

08.08.16 | Rectors Forum

Patrick Bergquist, Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministries, walked us through the history and uses of icons. Icons have aided in the prayer life of the church for hundreds of years. In the Forum we took a look at ways that this...

The Art of St. Bart's Chapel I

07.24.16 | Rectors Forum

The Art of St. Bart’s Chapel I: The Rev. Matthew Moretz explores the hidden meanings of the fourteen, story-telling carved capitals in our chapel, carved by the famed Piccirilli brothers, nearly one hundred years ago.

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