Holy Week and Easter


Holy Week and Easter

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Holy Week begins March 25th with Palm Sunday and continues through Saturday morning, March 31st. It is the final week in Lent, and also the week leading up to Easter. (Easter will begin on Saturday evening, March 31st with the Easter Vigil, followed by Easter Day services on April 1st).

Holy Week tells a powerful story of change—a story that continues to change the world, and to change people’s lives.

There is no one simple, or authorized, meaning to the suffering and death of Jesus. But there is a depth most of us have not begun to plumb. What is truth beyond doubt is that the Passion of Christ resides at the center of our lives as Christians.

8 am: Eucharist with Palms and the Reading of the Passion, Chapel

10 am: Intergenerational Palm Sunday Forum, Great Hall
Palm cross making, hot cross buns, and surprises. All ages are welcome!

9 am and 11 am: Festival Choral Eucharist with Liturgy of the Palms
and Passion Drama*, in the Church
These services begin with the great festivity of the procession of palms. Children are invited to participate in the parade and remain for the dramatic reading of the Passion Gospel, when the mood shifts quickly with Jesus’ journey to Calvary. The service concludes with a retiring procession in a somber tone.

5 pm  Community Eucharist with Palms, the Reading of the Passion and Hymns, in the Chapel

Each of these three days comes with its own focus. On Monday, we reflect on the story of the woman who anointed Jesus before his death. On Tuesday, we explore with St. Paul the mystery of the power of the cross. And on Wednesday, we encounter the theme of betrayal.

Monday in Holy Week
12:05 pm: Eucharist in the Chapel
5:30 pm:  Evening Prayer in the Chapel

Tuesday in Holy Week
12:05 pm: Eucharist in the Chapel
5:30 pm:  Evening Prayer in the Chapel
6 pm: Tuesday Tenebrae
A service of light with members of St. Bartholomew’s Choir, featuring Plainsong, Psalms and responses.

Wednesday in Holy Week
12:05 pm: Eucharist in the Chapel
5:30 pm:  Evening Prayer in the Chapel
6 pm: Community Eucharist with Hymns in the Chapel

8 am and 12:05 pm: Eucharist

5:30 pm: Evening Prayer

6 pm  Choral Eucharist with Maundy Ceremonies in the Church
The word “maundy” comes from the Latin mandatum which means “commandment”—in reference to Jesus’ words to his disciples, “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.” At 6 pm, we reenact Jesus’ demonstration of what it means to be a servant through the ritual of foot washing. At the conclusion of this service, the altar is stripped and the sacrament is reserved and taken to the chapel to be used on Good Friday. The service moves from light to darkness and silence.

7:15 pm  “The Night Watch” in the Chapel until 8am on Good Friday.
Spend time in the Chapel in the presence of the reserved sacrament—in quiet, in prayer, in watchfulness.  Sign up at the St. Bart’s Welcome Table.

8 am  Good Friday Liturgy
in the Chapel
A service of the Word, with a focus on the cross, including the Passion according to St. John and the solemn collects. And then the service concludes with Holy Communion from the reserved sacrament.

10:30 am to 12 pm and 3pm to 5pm: Children’s Stations of the Cross, Memorial Chapel 

Our Interactive Stations of the Cross for children ages 5 to 12 is a great way to help our young people connect with the journey of Holy Week through themes of betrayal, comforting our friends, caring and forgiveness. Open through 5pm with guided sessions from 10:30 am to Noon on Friday, March 30 and Saturday, March 31.

12 noon to 3 pm  The Three Hours:  Seven Last Words of Christ, in the Church 
The Gospels collectively record the “seven last words” of Jesus on the cross, and this traditional service is in seven sections. In each, we reflect on the cross in choral anthems by St. Bartholomew’s Choir, hymns, a prayer, a series of meditations, and a period of silence. Feel free to stay all three hours, or to come and go as your schedule allows. We end with the memorial tolling of the bell 33 times, one for each year of Jesus’ life.

3:15 pm  Confessions: The Rite of Reconciliation in the Chapel
Members of the clergy will be available for The Reconciliation of a Penitent (The Book of Common Prayer, pp. 447–51), also known as the Rite of Private Confession. Take this opportunity to reflect on your journey and come away with nourishment for your prayer life.

 5:30 pm  Evening Prayer in the Chapel

 6 pm  An Evening Devotion: The Stations of the Cross with Readings and Music, in the Church
This ancient service traces the route that Jesus took to the cross through the traditional fourteen “stations” along the Way of Sorrows. Ken Cowan, our former associate organist and now organ professor at Rice University in Houston, Texas, will play Marcel Dupré’s Le Chemin de la Croix (The Way of the Cross), Op. 29, an organ work musically portraying the emotions of Jesus’ journey from his painful suffering carrying the weight of the cross to his tenderness in meeting his mother.

10 am  Liturgy of the Day (No Eucharist) in the Chapel
A brief service of the Word (no Eucharist) and prayers from the Book of Common Prayer, p. 283.

 10:30 am – 12:30 pm: Children’s Vigil and adorning of the Memorial Chapel Children and youth are invited to join us as we adorn the Memorial Chapel with flowers in preparation for Christ's resurrection and keep the vigil with us as we prepare this holy space for new life.

MARCH 31 (afternoon and evening): EASTER EVE
4 pm  Children’s Baptisms in the Chapel

7 pm  The Great Vigil of Easter in the Church, with festive reception following * † 
Drawn from ancient sources, this is the most dramatic liturgy of the year. We hear the timeless prophecies of hope. We renew baptismal vows by candlelight. We sing the first “Alleluia” of Easter. The church is flooded with light as the Eucharist is celebrated. Bring your own bells and noisemakers! A festive reception follows

Music for Easter Day
8 am  Eucharist with Hymns in the Chapel
A simple, festive celebration using the traditional rite.

9 and 11 am  Festival Choral Eucharist in the Church *
(No tickets required, but come early to get a seat) 
The Boy and Girl Choristers, St. Bart’s Singers and St. Bartholomew’s Choir
Brass, timpani and combined choirs offer music to uplift the soul. Great Easter anthems and favorite hymns for congregation and choirs are sung, all with St. Bart’s incomparable Easter touches. Come early, bring a friend, share the joy. Music highlights: MacFarlane’s “Christ, our Passover,” Gabrieli’s “Angelus Domini,” Sir Charles Stanford’s “Ye choirs of new Jerusalem”, Mozart’s “Missa Brevis in C Major.”

Easter Walk for Children during the sermon
Children, and their parents if they would like to, are invited to a special Easter walk. Join us as we search out Jesus in the tomb and make our way to his resurrection Children will be escorted from the service and will rejoin their families for Communion.

5 pm  Festive Community Eucharist with Hymns in the Chapel
A simple, festive, contemporary Easter celebration.

* childcare available
† free parking for services