Weekday Worship


Weekday Worship


St. Bart's offers services every day of the week with Morning Prayer on Saturdays, and Noon Eucharist and Evening Prayer every weekday. On Wednesdays, we have an Evening Eucharist with music and sermon at 6pm. We have four services on Sunday, each with a special style and feeling. Please join us as often as you like! Our doors are open to all. 

Noon Eucharist
At the center of each day, we celebrate the Holy Eucharist (Communion or Lord’s Supper), which in our tradition is the principal act of worship. The Eucharist is celebrated Monday through Friday at 12pm in St. Bart's Chapel. 

Evening Prayer
Every weekday of the year we offer Evening Prayer, a collection of Bible readings, psalms and prayers to close the day at 5:30 pm in St. Bart's Chapel. 

Wednesday Evening Eucharist
An intimate service around St. Bart's high altar on Wednesday evenings, with organ music. A perfect mid-week spiritual refreshment! In the Church Chancel at 6pm.  

Saturday Morning Prayer 
Begin your Saturday morning with with 15 minutes of readings, psalms and prayer in St. Bartholomew's beautiful chapel. From 10 - 10:15am.