Clergy & Leadership


Clergy & Leadership


Dean Wolfe

Rectoroffice: 212-378-0215

Susan Anderson-Smith

Associate Rector for Justice and Reconciliationoffice: 212-378-0201

Peter Thompson

Associate Rector for Formation and Liturgyoffice: 212-378-0293

Deborah Lee

Associate Rector for Discipleship & Community Lifeoffice: 212-378-0240

Andrew Mullins

Assistant Rectoroffice: 212-378-0210

John Wirenius


Music Staff

Paolo Bordignon

Organist and Choirmaster office: 212-378-0226

Christopher Carter

Administrative Associate for Musicoffice: 212-378-0227


Wendy Boyd

IT Manageroffice: 212-378-0233

Heather Bond Bryant

Director, Marketing & Eventsoffice: 212-378-0254

Corey Durney

Director of Facilitiesoffice: 212-378-0291

Kara Flannery

Director of Communicationsoffice: 212-378-0239

Raquel Murray

Parish Administratoroffice: 212-378-0209

Manny Rodríguez-Leach

Welcome and Parish Life Associateoffice: 212-378-0230

Veronica Shea

Director of St. Bart's Central and The Bookstoreoffice: 212-378-0222

Michael Collins

Interim Coordinator of Stewardship and Development office: 212-378-0278