Nut-Free Allergy-Aware Policy


Nut-Free Allergy-Aware Policy

As of Sunday, September 24, 2017, St. Bartholomew’s Children, Youth, and Family Formation is a nut-free and allergy- aware program. Due to the shared spaces between the children, we need to be certain that no allergic child is inadvertently exposed to an allergen. All treats provided during our Sunday Kairos Program or any Children, Youth, and Family Formation event will be nut-free and allergy aware. When providing treats to the parish or Children, Youth, and Family community, please leave all labels attached so that ingredients can be checked for safety. Homemade treats must have a copy of the recipe or labels from the ingredients used to make the treat.

If you are purchasing goods from a bakery, please inquire if the baked goods are made in a nut-free facility (most are not). Please consult the Safe Snack Guide available at for any snack choices. Please check with me before serving anything out of the ordinary to a child in our program.

Please also note that Children, Youth, and Family Formation will always provide fresh fruit as an option during any of our programs, and that this is a safe alternative.

Known Allergy list:

  • Tree-nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Coconut
  • Sesame
  • Eggs

Many thanks for your cooperation as we continue to make St. Bartholomew’s Children, Youth, and Family Formation a safe space for our children.