The Annual Stewardship Campaign


The Annual Stewardship Campaign

What is the annual Stewardship Campaign?
The Stewardship Campaign is “church speak” for St. Bart’s Annual Fund. 

What does the annual Stewardship Campaign support?
The Stewardship Campaign accounts for over 60% of the current year’s operating budget (the remaining 40% comes from the renting of our space and income from the preschool, the athletic facilities, the bookstore, etc.). Therefore, the Stewardship Campaign supports a little bit of everything – be it the maintenance of our landmark building, Children Youth and Families programming, or Community Ministries.

What do you mean when you say “make a pledge”?
A pledge is a written declaration of intention to donate a specific amount of money over a certain length of time. When making a pledge to the Stewardship Campaign you are making a pledge for the current year with the intention of paying your pledge in full by December 31. 

How do I make a pledge?
You can make a pledge in one of three easy ways:
1. Fill out a pledge card, available at the Stewardship Table in the back of the church each Sunday, or download a PDF version here. 
2. Declare your 2020 pledge by clicking here and submitting our online pledge card for 2020.
3. By e-mailing Susannah Wade Lewis at or Robert Kiely at

How do I pay my pledge?
Some people prefer to pay their pledge all at once while others prefer to pay their pledge incrementally.  Online payments can be made here. One can also set up a recurring payment so that each month a predetermined amount is processed via credit card. Click here to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments online. 

Is it possible to pay my pledge with stock or securities?
Absolutely! For more information about this please contact Susannah Wade Lewis at or Robert Kiely at .

Is my pledge binding?
While your pledge is not legally binding, we ask that you only pledge an amount that you are comfortable donating. Of course, we all understand that sometimes life happens and should a situation arise that requires you to adjust the amount you initially pledged, please contact  Susannah Wade Lewis at or Robert Kiely at   If you have any questions, you may leave a message at (212) 378-0278.

Is pledging just another word for tithing?
Not even close! The definition of tithing originates from multiple passages in the Old Testament that reference the Israelites giving 10% of the crops they grew and the livestock they raised to the temple. Some churches have taken these passages and translated them to mean that in a modern day church one should donate 10% of their annual income. St. Bart’s is not one of these churches. We advocate something called “proportional giving” which means you – individually – select a proportion of your income that you are comfortable donating – whatever that might be! – and do so each year. All we ask is that when thinking about how much to donate to St. Bart’s you consider first all the things you have been given – including not only your material blessing but also the things that aren’t so easy to count, like your friendships, your family, and your talent – and from there give in proportion to the gifts you have received.  

What is the significance of December 31?
St. Bart’s operates on a January 1 to December 31 fiscal year. Our budget needs to be balanced by fiscal year’s end; therefore, all pledges need to be paid in full by then.