Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation

Confirmations, Receptions, and Reaffirmations are celebrated at St. Bartholomew’s one Sunday each year, during an 11 am service with one of our bishops.

The bishop acts as a symbol and representative of the wider Church, and annually in a formal “visitation” offers prayer and the laying on of hands in a rite called Confirmation.

All definitions of membership in the church begin and end with Baptism, the sacrament of inclusion. Adults and mature teenagers may also choose to affirm what they did or what was done for them in baptism in the rite of Confirmation.

Because the church respects the wide variety of personal spiritual histories and journeys, our liturgy provides for three expressions of this Rite:

Confirmation: This is the first mature and public acknowledgement of the promises made at a baptism.

Reception: This is the option for those who have made that mature, public affirmation of one’s baptism in another tradition—Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, or other tradition that has a comparable rite.

Reaffirmation: This is the option for those baptized as adults, or those who have already been confirmed but have been away from church and inactive for a long period of time.

Each of these rites is open to ALL adults who desire to take this step.

Preparation classes are required, whether you intend to be confirmed, received, or reaffirmed. We welcome those of all backgrounds — those who were formerly confirmed in a different faith, those who have attended church for years, yet never were officially confirmed, and those who simply wish to renew their confirmation vows or to be accepted into the community of St. Bart’s from another Episcopal Church. 

Every candidate for these rites is also required to have a sponsor. A sponsor is simply someone who is a baptized Christian, who will present you (i.e., walk with you) to the Bishop on the day of your confirmation. Start thinking now about who your sponsor will be, and consider inviting them to make your journey of preparation with you. Sponsors are welcome to come to any or all of the classes. 

 For further information on adult confirmation at St. Bartholomew's Church, please email the Reverend Peter Thompson. To register to participate in the ceremony, please complete the Action Form below. 

Questions about the form? Please contact the Rev. Peter Thompson at 212-378-0293 or via email  .




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