Children, Youth & Family Formation


Children, Youth & Family Formation

Quick Links to Register Your Child for Kairos on Sunday Mornings from 10am to 11am
Click here to register your child for Zoe (Birth to Kindergarden)
Click here to register your child for Agape. (1st and 3rd Grades)
Click here to register your child for Caritas. (4th and 5th Grades)
Click here to register your child for Youth @ The Center. (6th through 12 Grades)

**St. Bartholomew’s Children, Youth, and Family Formation is a nut-free and allergy- aware program. Lean more.

At St. Bart’s, we believe that children and youth are the Church today—full members of the community of faith, actively engaged in worship, education, service and fellowship, and in that engagement we are, all of us, continually being formed in our Christian identity. We recognize that children are already in relationship with God who loves them deeply, and we seek to strengthen and deepen that relationship. We understand that questions are often more important than answers, and we encourage children and youth to wrestle with those questions in a safe, caring environment, acknowledging, in Paul Tillich’s words, that “doubt isn’t the opposite of faith; it is an element of faith.”

We are committed to providing varied and rich experiences in Christian formation throughout the year: inviting and inspiring liturgies, excellent and engaging curricula taught by dedicated teachers, opportunities for meaningful and age-appropriate outreach, fellowship with other families and members of the St. Bart's community, and wonderful music and arts-infused events. We invite you to explore our programs below.  If you have questions or would like more information about any of our offerings, please email Patrick Bergquist, Interim Minister for Children, Youth, and Family Formation, at

Programs for Children, and Families

St. Bart’s has a number of special programs that take place on Sunday mornings. Each program is designed to meet our children and youth where they are developmentally and spiritually, while also encouraging them to grow in confidence, faithfulness, and action in the Episcopal context. From Kairos, (our Sunday education program), to our acolyte, reading, ushering, and Chorister programs, children and youth are invited to join in fellowship and dynamic service with the whole St. Bart’s community.

Children’s Chapel

During the Sunday morning 11 am service, children are invited to the chapel following the gospel for age-appropriate reflection, music and prayers during the sermon. They return to the church in the offertory procession and join their families for communion.

Kairos: Sundays, 10-11 am

The ancient greek word kairos was defined by early Christians as “God’s time.” We mark the passage of “real”, scientific time, or chronos, in many ways throughout the days and weeks. We wake up early to arrive at school on time, start our classes at the same time every day, eat lunch and dinner around the same time every day, or sometimes overlook dinner completely because we are so busy between soccer games, volleyball games, choir rehearsal, band practice, and homework. While time speeds by, God remains, calling us to to consider God’s presence in our lives. At St. Bart’s, we believe that our children and youth benefit from one hour per week of uninterrupted and dedicated thoughtful, contemplative, and action-oriented faith exploration. Kairos seeks to provide a sacred hour free from the regular marking of daily life for children and youth to share in God’s time.

Our Kairos program is divided into four groupings for ages 0-18. 

Zoe, 0-Kindergarten 
zōḗ , noun: spiritual life given to us by God
Open to children ages 0-Kindergarten, the Zoe program is headed up by Judith Rissenberg. Judith brings her deep faith and commitment to integrated spiritual development to her work, creating a “gentle” liturgy each week for her students. We provide this childcare ministry for infants through five year olds during the 9 and 11 am worship services as well as during the 10 am Kairos education hour every Sunday. Open to parishioners and visitors alike, our Zoe  program is offered in a spacious and colorful classroom on the fifth floor of the Community House. You are welcome to take your little one to our Zoe program at any point during the service you attend. Just ask an usher to point the way to the elevators, then turn right when you arrive. Click here to register your child for Zoe

Agape, 1st-3rd grade
ἀγάπη, agápē, noun: the fourth in the ancient greek christian lexicon of types of love, agape is described as the kind of love God has for us and the kind of love we have for God.
Children in the first-third grades are invited to register for our Agape program, where children will engage in dynamic, differentiated learning around God’s place in our hearts and in our lives. Click here to register your child for Agape.

Caritas, 4th & 5th grade
Käriˌtäs, noun: caritas is defined as the love we have for humankind; charity
Children in 4th and 5th grade are invited to register for our Caritas program. Children will explore their relationship to God and to each other, with a focus on prayer, faith, and action.  Click here to register your child for Caritas.

Youth @ the Center, 6th-12th grades
Koinonia, or community, is central to the teachings of Jesus throughout the Gospels. Relationship, community-building, social action, activism, change-making--these are just a few of the outcomes of youth group at Youth @ The Center.  Y@TC is available to all members of the CYF community, including Choristers when they are not rehearsing. We firmly believe in the importance of multiple community building environments for our youth at St. Bart’s, and Youth @ the Center provides a contemplative, reflective, and interactive experience for our young people to explore their faith and function as members of the St. Bart’s community. All are welcome! Click here to register your child for Youth @ the Center.

Children and Youth Participation in Liturgy

Acolyte Program (6th-12th grades)  Our Youth Acolyte program is robust and growing. Choristers are not serving in the 11 am, they are invited to join the Acolyte Team led by Julie Ross. Once trained, acolytes commit to join our acolyte rota for the 9:00 service. Acolytes are essential to the liturgy at St. Bart’s. If your child is interested, please email Patrick at or Julie Ross at  or catch us before or after church if your child is interested in becoming an acolyte!

Lay Readers + Ushers (all ages)  Children of all ages are invited to sign up to be a lay reader or an usher! Lay readers read one of the two Readings preceding the Gospel. Children who love theater or who are working on building confidence will find our reading program boosts self-esteem and trains them well for finding and shaping their voice. The congregation loves to hear the lectionary interpreted by young voices, so please encourage your children to sign up if they are interested!

Children of all ages may also serve as ushers during our services, offering hospitality and inviting folks to feel welcomed and invited into the St. Bart’s community each Sunday. If your child is interested in being part of lay leadership for  Sunday services, please email Patrick Bergquist at or Julie Ross at

Chorister Program  The St. Bartholomew Boy and Girl Chorister program is available to grades 2-12. Choristers sing at the Sunday 11:00 am service as well as other events at St. Bart’s and around the world. For more information on St. Bart’s Chorister Program, please click here.

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation classes are open to all youth ages 13 and older. The only commitment we ask the youth to make when they register is to participate in all the classes. The decision of whether or not to be confirmed comes later and is up to each individual.

CYF Events

Throughout the year, CYF hosts several events for our families. From special lunches after church to swim parties on a Friday night to gatherings just for the parents, we try to connect with each other in multiple ways. If you want more information about our special programming, make sure you are on our e-blast list by emailing Patrick Bergquist.

St. Bart’s Playgroup and Pre-School

St. Bart’s Playgroup and Preschool provides early childhood education for children starting at 16 months. For more information about St. Bart’s Playgroup and Preschool, click here.

St. Bart’s Summer Camp

St. Bart’s Summer Camp provides children ages 3-13 with dynamic and fun activities every summer. Check out St. Bart’s summer camp here to find out more about this fantastic opportunity!

Parking and Transportation Information

Questions? Please email Patrick Bergquist, Interim Minister for Children, Youth, and Family Formation.