The Forum

Sunday, October 14, 2018, 10:05 AM - 10:50 AM


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Every Sunday the Rector’s Forum at 10:05 am provides a place where our clergy teach or interview a guest on topics ranging from Biblical issues, insights from Christian tradition and other living religions, moral and ethical concerns, religious themes in contemporary writing or entertainment. In short, the Forum is an intersection of religion and life.

This Sunday  -- "The Church and the Ballot Box," Part 1 of 3: Models and Rules of Engagement. In this first session, we will search church history to identify a series of ways in which the church has engaged with political life through the centuries. Led by Dr. Patrick Hornbeck, St. Bart's parishioner, popular and gifted teacher, and Chair of Fordham University's Department of Theology. 

This series continues
Sunday, October 28 ---  "The Church and the Ballot Box," Part 2 of 3: An interactive discussion about the relationship between faith and our national politics in the current moment.

Sunday, November 11 ---"The Church and the Ballot Box," Part 3 of 3: What (Just) Happened? In this final session, we will be considering the results of the midterm elections in light of what we will have learned.