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Series Intro: St. Bart's & the Arts

Jul 11, 2016 |

Summer Series: St. Bart & the Arts

Series Introduction: “The Theology of Art,” with Bob Dannals.

Wendell Berry, one of the most perceptive commentators of contemporary culture and spirituality, wrote, “We think it ordinary and productive to spend the first seventy years of our life getting ready to exercise our intended purpose and then doing our work until such time as we retire. We spend enormous amounts of time, energy and money on this enterprise, but then fail to look around us and recognize some of the beauty, blessings and grace within and beyond us along the way. It is in what contemplative theologians have called ‘beauty’ or the ‘arts’ that one detects aspects of God's life-giving grace. Everyone needs elements of this for the soul.” This Sunday, our Interim Rector, Bob Dannals, will take a closer look at a “theology of the arts," with a special focus on detecting God's grace in the element of “beauty.” 

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