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Would you like to make new connections with fellow St. Bart’s parishioners? Perhaps you’d like to get to know St. Bart’s members who live in your neighborhood. St. Bart's Connects is a parish-wide initiative that aims to help our members get to know one another better in more intimate settings. New small groups will be established in early October and there will be multiple options available, including in-person, virtual-only and hybrid groups. If you would like to be a part of a group, please fill out the form below by September 21.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is St. Bart’s Connects?

St. Bart’s Connects is a program designed to foster relationships and community among our large congregation through providing relaxed, informal, and welcoming small group settings.

Who is invited?

Anyone who wants to connect with the community at St. Bart’s is invited. People of all ages, stages, and locations are welcome. Newcomers and longtime members alike are invited, and in-person and online groups are available.

I’m continuing in a group from last year. Do I still need to register?

Yes. Registering helps us keep your contact information up to date and allows us to keep you informed of pertinent announcements regarding the wider community.

How often do groups meet?

Frequency is determined by the group members, with most meeting approximately once a month.

What are meetings like?

Meetings may take place online, in a public space, or at members’ homes as determined by the group. They are informal and relational in nature and may include a meal or time of reflection and discussion. The members help to shape the group. All of our groups seek to provide a no-pressure atmosphere in which to make connections among those who call St. Bart’s home. Meetings are typically between one and two hours in length.

Are groups in-person, online, or hybrid?

A variety of formats are offered to accommodate differing geography and availability. Please indicate your preference on the registration form.

How many people are in each group?

Connects groups consist of between 6 and 12 members.

How are groups sorted/assigned?

Our staff leadership team will prayerfully and thoughtfully assign groups based on the information collected at registration. We strive to curate groups with a balance of commonality and diversity, taking into account factors such as age, stage, location, and availability.

How long do groups last? What is the commitment?

Groups commit to meeting regularly for one year. At the conclusion of that year groups and members may choose to continue or conclude.

Can I be in more than one group?

Typically members are invited to be in only one group. However, exceptions can be made. Please contact Veronica Shea at with any questions.

What if I miss the signup deadline?

We have several groups accepting members on a continual basis throughout the year, and we would love to get you plugged in! Please contact Veronica Shea at if you are interested.