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Pathfinders Online

April 24, 2024 7:30pm

Contact: Bailey ReganBailey Regan | 212-378-0246

Pathfinders: Taking the Next Step in Christian Community

Wednesdays | February 28 - April 24, 2024 | 7:30 - 8:45 pm ET on Zoom

This seven-session course is for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the Episcopal Church and the Christian faith, with an open and inclusive lens. Led by St. Bart’s clergy, each session will explore topics such as the Bible, prayer, church history, the liturgical calendar, and the sacraments. At the conclusion of the course, participants are invited to journey to St. Bart's for a closing retreat on the last weekend of April, culminating with an opportunity to be formally Confirmed, Received, or Reaffirmed in the wider Episcopal Church by the Bishop Allen Shin of the Diocese of New York on April 28.


Course Materials

Pathfinders will utilize the book, Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices by Scott Gunn and Melody Shobe. Electronic copies of the weekly reading will be provided. However, you are encouraged to purchase the book for your own reference.


  • Session 1: February 28
  • Session 2: March 6
  • Session 3: March 13
  • Session 4: March 20
  • March 30: The Great Vigil of Easter with Baptisms at 7 pm (Live Streamed)
  • Session 5: April 10
  • Session 6: April 17
  • Session 7: April 24
  • April 26 - 27: Pilgrims and Pathfinders Retreat at St. Bart's
  • April 28: Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation with Bishop Shin at the 11 am Service



Are there any prerequisites?

No. This course is open to anyone curious to learn more in a warm and accepting atmosphere. Doubters, believers, cynics, and skeptics are welcome. No question is off the table, and no one will be shamed or pressured because of their beliefs, questions, or background.

What is Confirmation? 

Confirmation is an ancient rite of passage in which the bishop of a diocese (region) lays hands upon those who have been baptized at an earlier date to pray that God will strengthen their faith and empower them for service.

For those baptized as young children, this rite allows an opportunity to "confirm" the promises made on their behalf by parents and godparents.

For those baptized as adults, Confirmation is an opportunity to reaffirm the promises made at baptism and receive the laying on of hands, just as the first apostles did. By virtue of the Bishop's ministry, Confirmation connects us to the fellowship of the apostles and to the universal church across time and space.

If you are not yet baptized and would like to explore the possibilities, we would love to have a conversation with you! Click here to learn more.

What is Reception? 

Reception is a formal rite of welcome, in which the Bishop of a diocese (region) lays hands upon those who have been confirmed (or the equivalent) in another Christian tradition to officially receive them into the Episcopal Church and the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Should I be Confirmed or Received?

Generally speaking, you would be Confirmed if you have never before made a public, mature commitment to Christ as an adolescent or adult. If you have been Confirmed in a liturgical Christian denomination (such as Lutheran, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox) you would be Received. If you have made a public, mature commitment to Christ in a non-liturgical denomination (such as Baptist or Pentecostal), our clergy would seek a conversation with you about the nature of your previous experience and then make a determination.

I am unsure about Confirmation and Reception. Can I still take the course?

Absolutely. The course is meant in part to help you earnestly discern whether you feel called to be Confirmed or Received. We honor and respect each individual's decision. If at the at the conclusion of the course you choose not to be Confirmed or Received, we will continue celebrating your presence at St. Bart's and welcome you to continue engaging however you feel led.

Are there any materials required? 

We will make use of a variety of resources, including the book Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs and Practices  by Scott Gunn and Melody Wilson Shobe. A copy of the book, along with all other course materials will be provided free of charge for those who register in advance. 

What if I cannot make all the classes or the closing retreat?

You are still welcome to participate as you are available. Let us know when you will need to miss, and we can provide readings and other resources to help you catch up.

I have already been Confirmed or Received. Am I still allowed to participate?

Because newcomers tend to have unique needs and perspectives, we ask that anyone who has taken this or a similar course (such as The Transformed Life) in the last three years refrain from participating. We instead encourage you to consider the Education for Ministry program, which offers an excellent course of study for confirmed members seeking to grow in knowledge and ministry. Please contact Bailey Regan for more information (

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