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Double Your Gift in September

Great news! We have received a significant gift from a parishioner with the intention that it will match all new gifts, dollar for dollar up to $100,000, given to St. Bart’s before September 30, 2021.

This is a unique opportunity for you to double your giving power and to help our parish in a wonderful and significant way. Won’t you make a generous gift today?

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The Annual Stewardship Campaign for St. Bart’s

So much has been written—and said—about 2020. Yet it still remains difficult to describe what we have all experienced since this new decade arrived. For every challenge, I see great possibilities and I continue to marvel at our old-fashioned determination to adapt, innovate, and overcome. During an uncertain time, the touchstones of family, community, and faith are more important than ever.

St. Bart's is a source of refuge and strength in facing these challenges. We know that for the City of New York, this church is a precious treasure. We maintain a vital ministry at the crossroads of one of the greatest cities in the world. We come to St. Bart's to be part of a community that proclaims a vibrant and inclusive gospel. We see a world that is full of possibility—and one urgently in need of spiritual institutions like St. Bart's. Maintaining such a ministry requires time, talent, and treasure.

What you receive when you give generously to the church is intangible. It's that deep, indescribable feeling of having done something unambiguously good. You are blessed with the knowledge that you're participating with past generations and with generations yet to come in keeping our faith tradition vibrant and alive. You receive a warm sense of having helped a wide variety of people find comfort and hope. Indeed, giving is fundamentally an act of hope. And, in this time of uncertainty, your giving will help St. Bart's to continue offering a broad array of new and exciting ways of doing and being church—from online worship to music to abundant adult education programs.

What impresses me most over the years are people who have, over the long haul, learned that their giving does not so much change the organizations they give to, but rather, their giving changes them.

I want to invite you to give generously to St. Bart's, not because we need it—and you know that we do—but because I want you to be transformed by your own giving. I want you to experience the profound joy people have shared with me after they have made a life-changing gift to this parish. Now is the time-and this is the moment


The Right Reverend Dean E. Wolfe, D.D

Give NowMAKE A 2021 PLEDGE

I am praying that you will put into action the generosity that comes from your faith as you understand and experience all the good things we have in Christ.

—Philemon 1:6

Hear from some of our grateful members… 

Flora Ferarra

Dulcie Mapondera

Luke Failla

Stewardship FAQ

What does the annual Stewardship Campaign support?

The Stewardship Campaign accounts for over 60% of the current year’s operating budget (the remaining 40% comes from the renting of our space and income from the preschool, the athletic facilities, the bookstore, etc.). Therefore, the Stewardship Campaign supports a little bit of everything – be it the maintenance of our landmark building, Children Youth and Families programming, or Community Ministries.

What do you mean when you say “make a pledge”?

A pledge is a written declaration of intention to donate a specific amount of money over a certain length of time. When making a pledge to the Stewardship Campaign you are making a pledge for the current year with the intention of paying your pledge in full by December 31.

How do I make a pledge?

You can make a pledge in one of two easy ways:
1. Declare your pledge by clicking here and submitting our online pledge card.
2. By e-mailing Michael Collins at    or our Stewardship Co-Chairs, Susannah Wade Lewis at    or Robert Kiely at   . You may also leave a message at 212-378-0278.

How do I pay my pledge?

Some people prefer to pay their pledge all at once while others prefer to pay their pledge incrementally. One can also set up a recurring payment so that each month a predetermined amount is processed via credit card. Click here to make a one-time payment or set up recurring payments online. To declare a 2021 pledge, click here.

As the church has moved online during the COVID 19 crisis, we ask our donors and parishioners to move to online giving rather than continuing to use paper checks. This will be safer for all concerned including our staff.

Absolutely! For more information about this please contact Michael Collins, our Interim Coordinator of Stewardship and Development, at   , or our Stewardship Co-Chairs, Susannah Wade Lewis at    or Robert Kiely at    You may also leave a message at 212-378-0278.

While your pledge is not legally binding, we ask that you only pledge an amount that you are comfortable donating. Of course, we all understand that sometimes life happens and should a situation arise that requires you to adjust the amount you initially pledged, please contact Michael Collins, our Interim Coordinator of Stewardship and Development, at  , or at (212) 378-0278.

Not even close! The definition of tithing originates from multiple passages in the Old Testament that reference the Israelites giving 10% of the crops they grew and the livestock they raised to the temple. Some churches have taken these passages and translated them to mean that in a modern day church one should donate 10% of their annual income. St. Bart’s is not one of these churches. We advocate something called “proportional giving” which means you – individually – select a proportion of your income that you are comfortable donating – whatever that might be! – and do so each year. All we ask is that when thinking about how much to donate to St. Bart’s you consider first all the things you have been given – including not only your material blessing but also the things that aren’t so easy to count, like your friendships, your family, and your talent – and from there give in proportion to the gifts you have received.

Planned Giving

The Mosaic Society was formed in 1997 as a way to recognize members and friends who have included St. Bart’s in their estate plans. Membership in to the Mosaic Society has grown each year, as more people recognize the importance of providing future support for St. Bart’s. Unless otherwise restricted, legacy gifts support the growth of St. Bart’s endowment, which is critical to St. Bart’s long-term success and financial stability. For more information about the Mosaic Society, please click here.

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Tribute Gifts

A tribute gift in honor or in memory of a relative or a loved one is a wonderful way to celebrate their lives or service to St. Bart’s.

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You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

– 2 Corinthians 9:11