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Photos from St.Bart's Pilgrims

May 26, 2023

Thanks to Bailey Regan for sharing photos from St. Bart's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Wadi Qelt

Here are some pictures from Wadi Qelt (desert valley and stream leading from Jerusalem into the West Bank and to Jericho) where we shared the Eucharist together

Visit to Greek Orthodox Monastery

Here are some pictures from the Greek Orthodox monastery on the Mt. of Temptation (we took a cable car to get up there)

Anglican Church in Nazareth

Pictures of the Anglican Church in Nazareth and its parishioners (with manny) where we attended a service today

Pictures from Herodium

Roman Ruins

Finally, pictures from Roman ruins at Sepphoris, the capital of Galilee during Jesus’ time.


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