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Update from St. Bart's Pilgrims

May 19, 2023

Thanks to Bailey Regan for sharing this update and photos from Day 1 of St. Bart's Pilgrimage to the Holy Land: This morning, the St. Bart's pilgrims had the privilege of meeting The Most Rev. Hoasm Naoum, Archbishop in Jerusalem and primate of the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East. (You may recognize Archbishop Naoum from King Charles' coronation, where he processed into the service holding the Holy Bible. He also presented Archbishop Welby with Holy Oil used to anoint King Charles, which was derived from the fields of the Mount of Olives.)

Archbishop Naoum led the St. Bart's pilgrims and a pilgrimage group from St. John's Cathedral and All Saint's Cathedral in Hong Kong in a morning prayer service at St. George's Cathedral. Afterwards, he met with the group from St. Bart's to discuss the rewards and challenges of serving the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, which includes Jordan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran.

Later in the day, the group explored the Old City of Jerusalem, visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, meeting Archbishop Theodosios (the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem), and ending the excursion by attending Vespers in the Armenian quarter of the Old City. These ecumenical experiences and connections served as powerful reminders of the vastness and diversity of Christ’s body.

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