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Spiritual Journaling

February 15, 2022 7:00pm

Contact: St. Bart's CentralSt. Bart's Central | 212-378-0222

Spiritual Journaling Workshop

January 25-February 15, 7-8 pm

Parishioner Annette Thies leads a 4-week, pre-Lenten, 1 hour Zoom evening workshop

Annette Thies (M.A., General Theological Seminary) leads a workshop for all who would like to deepen their spiritual life by keeping a journal. Both those who keep a journal now and those new to the practice are welcome. The workshop environment offers an opportunity to create your own unique journal with the support of others who are on the same path. 

Notes on journaling 
There are various ways of keeping a journal—both handwritten and electronically recorded—whether you are drawn to create an art, gratitude, food, or medical journal. Apps are available to assist in maintaining such journals and many others, but it takes more than downloading an app to craft a journal! Our focus is the spiritual journal, one that will help you create an invaluable resource for your life based on your faith and desire for spiritual growth. Spiritual journaling can be understood as a form of prayer or conversation with God.

With a beginner's enthusiasm it may seem easy at the start, but you need personal support, guidance, and encouragement as you struggle with the 'work' of writing and attempt to regularly record your thoughts and experiences. This workshop gives you the necessary tools to succeed. You may even feel prepared to continue writing your spiritual journal as a Lenten discipline in a few weeks' time. 

All are welcome to attend this class Via Zoom meeting.

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