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Every Thursday September 28 through November 16

St. Bart's // 325 Park Avenue // New York City



Food & Conversation

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Be part of a new midweek worship gathering in Midtown Manhattan this fall. 

Come experience a relaxed, refreshing, and radically-welcoming atmosphere with modern music, a timely message, and communion — followed by dinner (free!) Invite a friend, and pray your way into the weekend with us! 

Imagine Worship is designed with those in mind who:

  • Want to be fed — soul, mind, and body
  • Work or travel on the weekends
  • Want to try church for the first time (or the first time in a long time)
  • Enjoy contemporary music and prayers
  • Are looking for community and friendship

All are welcome. Come and see!

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Join the
Imagine Worship NYC Choir

Rehearsals at 6pm Thursdays resuming October 5

All singers welcome! 
With the leadership of Mark Miller,
this pickup choir rehearses from 6 - 7pm and
leads the community in a wide array of
gospel and worship music, hymns,
and global songs.

Join the Choir

Meet Our Lead Musician

Mark Miller

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Imagine Worship Artist-in-Residence

Music from Imagine Worship NYC

Child of God

by Mark Miller

Words of Institution

by Zack Nyein

All My Days

by Mark Miller and Laurie Zelman

Imagine Worship Spring 2023

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A Place to Connect

St. Bart's Connects: Small Groups

Would you like to make new connections with fellow St. Bart’s parishioners? Perhaps you’d like to get to know St. Bart’s members who live in your neighborhood. St. Bart's Connects is a parish-wide initiative that aims to help our members get to know one another better in more intimate settings. New small groups will be established in early October and there will be multiple options available, including in-person, virtual-only and hybrid groups. If you would like to be a part of a group, please fill out the form below by September 21

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A Place to Belong

Fall Explore Class Begins October 15

This three-week series is offered seasonally for newcomers. It offers an introduction to the Episcopal Church and an orientation our community at St. Bart's. This is a great next step for anyone curious about the church or looking to get involved. All are welcome!

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Imagine Worship began in and is based out of
the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta.

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A Movement

Imagine Worship is a movement within the Episcopal Church, an inclusive Christian denomination welcoming people of all ages, races, and genders — every nation, station, and orientation — to find faith, belonging, and purpose in Jesus’ way of love.

Shared Leadership

We gather musicians, clergy, and creatives to make space for immersive, embodied, culturally-connected worship experiences that are grounded in ancient rhythms and attuned to contemporary life.

Beloved Community

We embrace popular music styles and technology to facilitate connection in-person and online, emphasizing racial diversity, young voices, and story sharing as essential to the church’s task of building Beloved Community.

A new kind of worship for the Episcopal Church
amplifying a kinder, truer, justice-seeking Christianity for the world.

Vision + Vibes

Jesus at the Center​

We gather in the round. Jesus Christ is at the heart of our common life. His ministry to the oppressed and outcast models for us a life of compassion and grace. His crucifixion and resurrection fill us with courage and hope. His risen life made known to his first followers is revealed here and now as we gather in his name and seek his face in stranger, friend, and foe.

Beauty + Diversity

The ancient Hebrew songwriter called on God’s people to “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (Psalm 96:9).  What does the “beauty of holiness” look like? Imagine Worship is committed to answering that question through expressions of music, visual art, and spoken word that reflect the diversity of God’s people. As we offer to God our gifts of creativity and imagination, God opens the eyes of our hearts to see the truest beauty that is: the Image of God dwelling in every human.

Artistry + Innovation

Over the centuries, the church has played a significant role in the evolution of art, music, and literature. The church reformers of the 15th and 16th centuries embraced the printing press to spread the message of God’s grace in the language of the people. Through art, technology, and digital communications, we seek to do the same.

Watch a clip from Imagine Worship NYC held at St. Bart's in Oct 2022 and produced by the Imagine Worship (ATL) team.

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Zack Nyein

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Director of Imagine Worship